Liberal Groups Attacking Romney in Florida; What About Newt?

Are They Not Worried About Gingrich? Or Just Lagging the Election Cycle?

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According to the Miami Herald's Naked Politics blog, SEIU-COPE, the PAC of the Service Employees International Union, is running Spanish-language radio ads in Florida's Tampa and Orlando markets attacking Mitt Romney. In part, the ads say:
His Spanish-language ads say Romney "believes in us", but his deeds speak for themselves.

Let's not be fooled. He might have two faces, but we know all too well who the true Mitt Romney is .

You can listen to the ad here.

Interestingly, Romney is also being attacked by Priorities USA, the Super PAC affiliated with President Barack Obama, and by another liberal group, Americans United for Change, with the following video joking about a Romney-Gekko 2012 run.

Being hit by Democratic-affiliated groups probably doesn't hurt Romney in the Republican primary. But it seems that with Newt Gingrich's momentum, Gingrich would be getting some of this as well.

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