Perry Hands Opponents Great Footage for Anti-Rick Perry Ads

Brain Freeze During Debate Makes for Very Bad Optics

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Weeks ago, Rick Perry fell out of contention for the favored "Not Mitt Romney" choice in the Republican primary campaign. Herman Cain had become the new candidate picked by Republican voters to give the GOP establishment fits. But with all of his troubles in the past week, Cain could have been ripe for knocking down last night. Perhaps Perry, with a solid debate performance, could have staged a comeback.

Indeed, Erik Erickson, at, wrote: "Rick Perry had the best damn debate performance of his entire Presidential career last night. He gave fantastic answers." But to finish Erickson's statement. "And then . . ."

Yes. And then this happened.

Imagine you're running a political campaign and your opponent did that during a debate. How happy would you be this morning?

UPDATE: Visible Measures has some numbers:

Perry's "Oops Moment" already has over 1 million views, though this number is growing quickly. His most-watched clip has over 700,000 views, with the other 300,000+ coming over 90 clips across the Web. Audiences have written over 7,000 comments about the event so far.
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