Poll: Obama Wins Debate, but Last Week's Win Didn't Help Much

It's All Over But the Voting

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One way to tell if snap polls deemed President Barack Obama the winner of a debate against Mitt Romney: Whether the results are posted on Drudge, one of my first web stops every morning. Three weeks ago, they were. This morning, they weren't.

According to a CBS poll of 500 voters, 53% "gave the foreign policy-themed debate to Mr. Obama; 23% said Romney won, and 24% felt the debate was a tie." A CNN/ORC poll found that 48% went for Mr. Obama and 40% went for Mr. Romney.

Interestingly, CNN reports that "half of those questioned say that the debate did not affect how they would vote." Perhaps it's a matter of the much-vaunted "undecided" voter being overhyped. Or perhaps, at this point, even they have made up their minds. Mr. Obama was deemed the winner of last week's townhall-style debate, yet that didn't seem to gain him much ground in polls conducted since then. Many give Mr. Romney an edge nationally. Keep in mind, however, that the election will be decided on a state-by -state basis and while Mr. Romney has gained ground in some key swing states -- taking the lead in Florida, for example -- Mr. Obama is still ahead in others.

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