What Should Ken Bone Endorse? LensCrafters? Red Lobster? Kool-Aid?

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As soon as Ken Bone became Internet Famous (see: "America needed a hero. Kenneth Bone answered the call"), wags on Twitter were wondering how quickly he'd end up on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," maybe to do a duet with Chewbacca Mom. But America's favorite undecided voter -- who asked a question about energy policy at Sunday night's presidential debate and became an instant internet meme thanks to the combination of his distinctive name and his oddly iconic red sweater -- opted for a straightforward remote appearance, via a Cisco weblink, on Monday night's "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

Mr. Bone proved himself to be a relaxed and quick-witted guest during the nearly six-minute segment, even playing along with Jimmy Kimmel's gentle teasing about how he might leverage his sudden fame by endorsing products: "I'd like to see maybe LensCrafters, because you've got the glasses there. Maybe Red Lobster, with the sweater. Maybe you could be the new Kool-Aid guy, bursting through the wall."

Mr. Bone's response: "I was hoping for maybe -- do they still make mustache wax? Uh, I would have my own line."

Seriously, though, what should Ken Bone endorse? Send us suggestions on Twitter @AdAge and include the hashtag #KenBoneEndorsement.

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