Trump's New 'Extreme Vetting' Would Ban Trumpish Types, Says New Clinton Ad

'Donald's New Test for Immigrants ... Is a Test He Would Fail'

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"Those who do not believe in our Constitution, or who support bigotry and hatred, will not be admitted ..." Those are words that Donald Trump read off a teleprompter on Monday at Youngstown State University as part of his heavily hyped foreign policy speech, in which he outlined plans for ideological testing of immigration candidates as part of his "extreme vetting" policy.

Those are also words that Hillary Clinton's campaign is using verbatim in a new ad called "Trump Test." Video of Mr. Trump delivering those words is bracketed at the start with on-screen type that reads "Donald's new test for immigrants ..." and then ends with "... is a test he would fail." Cue a series of notorious older soundbites from Mr. Trump on the campaign trail regarding Mexicans, Muslims, white supremacists and same-sex marriage.

The ad, uploaded to the Clinton campaign's The Briefing channel on YouTube Tuesday morning, closes with a typographic kicker: "Donald Trump: out of step with American values. Just ask Donald Trump."

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