Film Grand Prix Winner Sony PlayStation 2 "Mountain" comment from Trevor Beattie, Chairman /Creative Director, TBWA\London

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What was the idea behind the spot?

The idea was a very simple one. Depict the feeling of playing the world online: battling against all-comers for that one fleeting moment as King of the hill, before losing the top slot to someone else.

Why is Mountain a great spot? How successful was it with the desired audience, as well as with the industry?

It's been massively successful. Last Christmas was the biggest sales success PS2 has ever seen in Europe. It's the first genuinely international piece of marketing we've run for PS2. The sociability of the spot seemed to unite people. In industry terms, Mountain won 4 D&AD Pencils and the Grand Prix at Cannes, so you might say they like it.

You're someone who seems to take a big picture view of branding with your music stuff, with what you've done with FCUK, etc. Why was a big budget TV spot still the best way to convey the message you wanted to convey about PS2?

Sometimes TV is the right choice for the brand. Sometimes big budgets help convey the message. If Mountain had been cheaply produced, it simply wouldn't have worked. We'd have lost the scale.

What's next for PS2?

What's next for PS2? More Fun. More surprises. More sales. More challenges to the very existence of X-Box. More more more. PlayStation set us high standards. They never rest. They never let us rest.

For some reason, a lot of people in America were troubled by images of people climbing on top of each other and crashing through doors, etc. Was that a common reaction over there?

No one in Europe seemed "troubled" by the crowd imagery. Maybe (Americans) saw it as a painfully accurate analogy of corporate life in big business America...!

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