The 2013 Apple Design Awards; Helping the NSA with its Slides & More

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Apple's Prettiest Apps

Apple's WWDC conference this week included the unveiling of an all new Macbook, and also the launch of a gorgeous new film. But perhaps more interestingly, the confab included the "Apple Design Awards," which recognizes annually apps that "raise the bar" when it comes to beautiful design and innovative tech. Among the winners this year were WWF Together, which brings you closer to the stories of the world's amazing animals, and Procreate, an "art studio at your fingertips."


Redesigning the NSA

A "one-man agency" dedicated to building beautiful Powerpoints has taken it upon itself to tackle a glaring problem in this midst of this  NSA-spying-on-everyone mess: its abysmally designed slides. The deck, found on SlideShare, begins: "Dear NSA, you can do whatever you want with my data. But not with my eyes," and goes on to redesign the top-secret PRISM slides with clearer fonts, and a better color scheme.



Myspace's First TV Ad

Spoiler: It's not good. The owners of that-social-network-you-forgot-you-had, Myspace, have officially relaunched the service, marking it as a "social discovery service" for musicians and creatives. A new commercial, which AdAge has, began airing this week. It's part of a $20 million campaign and was developed in-house.



Wanna Be a Cyborg?

DARPA scientists are working on an amazing new technology: prosthetic limbs that can be controlled by the users' brainwaves. The technology, in layman's terms, relies on "targeted muscle re-innervation," which rewires the nerves inside the amputated limbs so the user can control the device using the existing muscles around it. Bionic (wo)man! Check out a video at The Atlantic.




Hacking In-Flight

In March, British Airways announced an in-flight hackathon. 150 techies were put on an 11-hour flight and asked to solve a problem: How do we educate more engineers? And they did it without WiFi. But how did the confab, which had participants like Andreessen Horowitz partner Todd Lutwak, Google(x) VP Megan Smith and Craigslist founder Craig Newmark, go? TechCrunch has the details. 


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