A Bionic Arm to Help Sign a Petition on Behalf of Those With Muscular Dystrophy

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Those with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy suffer from a progressive deterioration of muscle, resulting in eventual loss of movement. A current petition that is on its way to the Australian government is asking them to match the $1.75 million amount raised by the Save Our Sons Foundation, and start a policy into research on the crippling disease. To draw attention to the cause, Havas and Finch have created what they're dubbing the world's first bionic arm -- to be used by DMD sufferers to sign the petition.

Created to raise awareness about DMD, the robot arm takes its commands from a special site that lets visitors leave their Facebook details on a database. It then signs the petition for you. A camera will take a picture of the signature and post it to the signer's Facebook wall. The arm is capable of 8,500 signatures per day.

Featured in the campaign is a 19-year-old DMD sufferer, Jacob Lancaster, who demonstrates the arm, which, after April 21, will be moved from Sydney's Customers House to Paddington, to sign petitions for anybody who can't.