How Tech Helped--and Hindered the Boston Investigation, Yahoo Acquires 40 Years of 'SNL' & More

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A Film on Swartz

Kickstarting movies is big right now, but for once, this plea doesn't come from a celebrity. Brian Knappenberger, director of the Anonymous doc "We Are Legion," launched a Kickstarter this week to fund a $75,000 movie about the life of Aaron Swartz. Titled "The Internet's Own Boy," the movie will take a look at both Swartz's personal life, and impact on the Internet, reports Wired.

Video's a Go

20 articles is all you get from the NYT if you're not willing to pony up a few bucks, but soon you'll be able to watch as many videos as your heart desires. The Times is taking its videos outside the paywall, with videos on the site available to everyone regardless of whether they subscribe or not -- a clear hint about how important the company considers video to be, says the Nieman Lab.

Google's Got Competition

Tokyo-based Takahito Iguchi has launched "Telepathy," a competitor to Google Glass that his company hopes will gain an advantage by getting to the market first (Google Glass won't be available to everyone until 2014). Iguchi demo'd the wearable tech at a press conference in New York, and is cheaper than Google's version, reports Mashable. It's already got an app, Manga Camera, that converts photos into animated comic strips.

13 SNL Clips

In its biggest content deal in recent memory, Yahoo has announced that it has acquired the rights for the current season, plus 40 years of clips of Saturday Night Live. Previously, those were on Hulu and -- those properties will continue to have full episodes of current and past season. AdAge rounds up 13 must-watch classic clips that are the sort you'll soon find on Yahoo.

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Boston in an Age of Cameras Everywhere

The Verge's Matt Stroud holds forth on the how technology both helped with capturing the Boston bombers -- and impeded the investigation, almost simultaneously. While this was one of the first times the U.S. experienced a terrorist attack in "the age of omnipresent internet connectivity," the lure of the Internet might have confused the situation, rather than cleared it up.

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