Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg: From COD MWIII Leak Comes Opportunity

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So, you're a huge videogame publisher, and key content from your upcoming blockbuster title somehow emerges on the web--nearly a year before the game launches. What do you do? You could pull an Apple and sic the feds on the culprits, or, you can do as Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg did.

Nine months before Call of Duty's Modern Warfare III hit store shelves, some of the game's best material was leaked into the blogosphere. Yet Hirshberg, drawing from his experience as a creative--as many of you know, he was the co-CEO and Chief Creative Officer of Deutsch until a little over a year ago--leaned into the potential crisis and turned it into an opportunity. Here, Hirshberg, who was the keynote speaker at Creativity and Ad Age's Creativity and Technology event at CES in Vegas last week, describes how the massive save went down.

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