Ad Age's 2012 Digital A-List

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Welcome to Ad Age's Digital A-List, the people, technologies, companies and ideas that are changing the way you think about digital media and marketing. This year, Ad Age singles out some impressive startups (Pinterest), forward-thinking retailers and marketers (Walmart, Unilever), and next-generation media companies (Buzzfeed, YouTube). It also highlights the movement that stopped SOPA, another example of tech-fueled advocacy that is changing the game for communications. Let us know what you think.

Louis C.K.
Comedian took risk by selling special online on the cheap and opening up to fans on Reddit--and it worked.

Relying more on digital to build brands is boosting bottom line

Move over, Netflix--the new standard-bearer for streaming TV

Behind the success of the "Jeremy Lin" of social media platforms

Windows Phone
With its unique software and constant stream of updates, this could be the coolest phone you may never own

SOPA Protesters
Web power players fight lawmakers using online scare tactics

Video site bets on stars to make its channels more like TV

World's largest retailer becomes powerhouse of bricks and clicks

Robots and mind control all part of normal day at production house

Can trend site make "social advertising" the next big thing?

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