Aftonbladet: YouLive

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Stockholm agency Prime brought together more than 44,000 music fans at an intimate concert venue with YouLive, an interactive concert app created for Aftonbladet (Sweden's largest news source) to promote the Rockbjörnen Music Awards, the news organization's prize to the best live music of the year.

The app essentially worked as a massive, yet cozy, digital arena where fans could watch artists like Robyn, The Ark and Mando Diao perform live in studio. Entry to the performances was exclusive - Aftonbladet released exclusive digital tickets for seven different concerts. As in a real world concert, each ticket was assigned to different sections in the arena, including a VIP area next to the stage.

The arena itself provided a real venue-like experience, with audience, lighting and other effects. Concertgoers could interact with the artist and each other through Facebook to applaud, call out to the band, hold up lighters or take pictures of the performance, or even make out with someone else in the audience.

In total, the concert series saw 2.4 million interactions between the artists and fans while unique visitors to the Rockbjornen site increased by 300%. 44,000 people attended the seven concerts, making them the biggest music festival in Sweden.

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