AirBnB Debuts First-ever Film Created On Vine

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Last month, Airbnb attempted to stretch the capabilities of Vine by announcing that it would be making the first ever moving shot using the six-second movie app. Along with Mullen San Francisco, the brand's "Hollywood and Vines" campaign asked consumers to send in their Vine films to become part of a short movie about travel and adventure.

The agency worked with award-winning screenwriter Ben York Jones on the storyline about "the transofrmative journey of a simple piece of paper," according to the agency. Director Miles Jay of B-Reel was then brought on to direct the film by tweeting out Vine directions to create the various scenes. More than 750 submissions came from 14 U. S. states and nine countries, including Hong Kong, Kuwait, South Korea, Finland and Portugal. 100 Vines were then pulled and edited into the final film, "an artful story about travel, adventure, and finding your place in the world."

The final contributors to the film also each earned $100 credit for an Airbnb stay. Airbnb has released the film online and will debut it on broadcast on the Sundance channel tonight, Thursday, September 12 at 9:55 p.m. ET.

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