Breaking Bad: The Video Game; Google Glass' Dork Factor & More

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Why Google Glass is DOA

Marcus Wohlsen at Wiredmakes a pretty compelling argument for Google Glass never actually becoming quite the ubiquitous technology people seem to think it might be. Comparing Glass with other technologies that promised to change the world -- the segway, the bluetooth headset and the pocket protector -- he argues that Glass is inherently too dorky, and too antisocial, to ever take off.

Breaking Bad: The Video Game

YouTuber Brian Anderson blows our minds with a concept trailer for a LEGO Breaking Bad videogame that needs to become a reality, stat. According to Anderson, it took three months to make, and 60 days to render, and features blue meth in LEGO form plus Walter and Jesse.

Corporate America to the Rescue

While the government does collect a lot of information about its citizens as a matter of course, there are some things -- mostly personal -- that it simply can't collect, mostly because it's illegal to do it. But it's figured out a way to get past that little problem, says Bruce Schneier in The Atlantic, by heading to corporations. Corporate data is increasingly being bought by governments, with no probably cause or judicial oversight, he reports.

How Cory Booker Saved Newark From Conan O'Brien

When Conan O'Brien became the latest comedian to take a shot at Newark a few years back, Mayor Cory Booker had more options to respond than his predecessors would have. He looked up how many people watch "The Tonight Show," where Mr. O'Brien was then the host, Mr. Booker said at the recent Ad Age Digital Conference. "My social media analytics are multiples of that in one week," he said. "And so I said, 'Wait a minute. I'm going to change the paradigm once and for all.'" See the full video on

This Ear is Better Than Your Ear

Researchers at Princeton have created an artificial ear using an antenna, and 3D printed cells, in a big step forward for "bionic" organ research. The ear, which was created using a 3D printer and an antenna made of silver nanoparticles, could someday replace your natural human ears.

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