Bud Light and 'True Blood' Show Their Support for Marriage Equality

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As LGBT lobbying group Human Rights Campaign turned the interwebs red this week in support of marriage equality, plenty of celebrities, including Ellen Degeneres and N*Sync's Lance Bass, chimed in with their support, changing their profile pictures into the pink-and-red version of the group's logo. "Make sure you wear red to show your support for marriage equality," said a post on Facebook by the group. "And make your Facebook profile red too!"

But who needs celebs when you've got Grumpy Cat supporting equal rights for the LGBT community? Like with any good viral campaign, memes popped up, including the angry kitty, a man-on-the-moon figure saluting a flag with the modified HRC logo on it, and best of all, one with a uniquely "True Blood" spin.

The group has a petition for the cause, which it's hoping will see more support because of the Facebook action as the Supreme Court continues hearing cases this week.

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