Call of Duty: Black Ops II Reveal Trailer

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The beautiful new trailer for Call of Duty's Black Ops II is out, featuring the return of Sgt. Frank Woods, (guess he's alive!) who acts as a narrator amidst shots of a violent conflict. The trailer is created by 72andSunny in the Ant Farm. The game, which we now know is set in the future, seems to revolve around the central problem of what happens when the "enemy steals the keys" and the things that we built to keep ourselves safe turn on us.

And that's when, Sgt. Woods continues, you need "men like us," who are willing to do what others can't.

The trailer, which played Tuesday during the NBA finals, has a YouTube experience attached which will go live later today, where users can pause the video at certain points to unlock certain deep dive shorts that give more information about how the world got to where it is.

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