CAT Trax: August 23, 2012

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My Kind of School

Elite Silicon Valley school Singularity University (the name tells you all) has always used cutting- edge technology with the goal of solving global problems. Now, it is set to transform itself, going from classes and courses to an innovation pipiline that includes a conference series, classes and incubation labs -- and maybe even robot professors.

Calling Media Startups

AdAge reports that Bonnier Corp., publisher of magazines like Popular Science and Field & Stream, has launched a startup accelerator called Bonnier Innovation Lab, and is soliciting applications from media companies. "Our goal is to look at disrupting the way we create, distribute and consumer content," said David Rich, director of the Lab.

No More Glasses

Finally. A new method for watching 3D television sans the need for glasses is being tested. It'll be years until it reaches consumers, however, Mashable says, promptly dashing our sky high expectations.

Vox Pushes Polygon

Online publisher Vox is hyping Polygon, its yet-to-launched video-game news site Plygon (there's a mouthful!) with a 90-minute documentary. "Press Reset" will have at least 10 episodes, and there's a trailer, which you can see on AdAge.

Obama is So Hip

Barack Obama's re-election campaign is the first campaign ever to accept donations through text messages. Most cellular network customers can give up to $50 by texting "GIVE" (easy enough, right?) to 62262, with the amount charged to their cellphone bills. The Federal Elections Commissions allowed candidates to accept donations via cellphone in June, reports Mashable.

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