CAT Trax: August 30, 2012

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The Story Behind the Pecs

The Atlantic speaks to Abby Morgan, Vimeo's Senior Manager of Strategic Sales Partnerships, to find out how the video site put together Wieden & Kennedy's amazing Terry Crews "Muscle Music" video.


On Wednesday, President Obama held an "AMA" session on Reddit -- probably the coolest thing any President has ever done. But now that the buzz has died down, people are questioning the substance of the President's answers. As Matt Creamer writes over at AdAge, while it was a smart tactic, there was a noticeable lack of real content in the Q&A. Alexis Madrigal calls the session just another "campaign stop." And according to Slate, here are 10 questions Obama should have answered.

Biz Turns Director

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone is going behind the camera. He told the SF Chronicle that he will be one of the celebrities that will team up with Canon and Ron Howard to direct one of a series of short films for the second installment of the Project Imagination campaign. Apparently, he loves cinema and photography, and spent some time as a graphic artist.

Scenes from 'Branded'

Wired has a clip from upcoming sci-fi flick "Branded," which gives marketers intentions a diabolical sheen when an ad exec finds out that advertising is actually manipulating people's brands. "I want people to really experience the advertising campaign for the film, the social media part of the campaign and the film itself as different parts of the same work of art," said co-writer/co-director Jamie Bradshaw.

Naked Gamers
Are you a competitor, habitualist, soloist or politician? Predictive gaming analytics company Playnomics teamed with Naked Play, the gaming division of Naked Communications, to boil down gamers into eight different archetypes, in an attempt to help brands narrow down gamification strategies for their products and messages. Via Kotaku.

Spam, What?

We know Internet spam is bad, but why does it happen? Why do people comment on news articles with links to buy cheap handbags, makeup or get a deal on Viagra? Greg Stevens at The Kernal goes into the darkest areas of the Interwebs to bring you the truth about spam.

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