CAT Trax January 13, 2011: VeriPhone, How are mobile devices changing reading,! and the most Tweeted Tumblr

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Where is the **#@*& Call to Action??!?!?
The Tumblr of the week, certainly was this bit of captioned stock footage fun, which prompted many (many, many) knowing nods of recognition among ad types on Twitter. Things Real People Don't say About Advertising

Reading the future
Are mobile devices changing the way (and when) we read?
The makers of ReaditLater did a study of their own data showing just how people are using content-saving apps like theirs. Included- how the iPAd is changing online reading.
Does what it says on the tin.

iPhone users rejoice
The eagle landed - iPhone users now have another option in Verizon.
Do you have questions? Here are some answers via ReadWriteWeb.

Do you want to simply have a laugh at AT&T's expense for the comms misery you may have suffered for the past few years? Watch The Daily Show's homage to the iPhone/AT&T era
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Verizon iPhone Announcement
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11 New York start-ups to watch in 11
The Next Web's list.

Polaroid- The Next Apple?
Chairman Bobby Sager thinks so, says company is at the beginning of "innovation road map."
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