CAT Trax: January 6, 2011

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Less Ambitious Movies takes over Twitter
Breakfast at Kay's. The GodDaughter. Scratchface. #lessambitiousmovies goes from birth to backlash (and Cafe Press exploitation) in record time.

CES roundup
Not going or still stuck in the line? Some forecasts and overviews from around the industry:
Matthew Szymczyk welcomes up to the year of tablets and digital living rooms. From Ad Age.
Mashable's 5 Techs to check
And the TechCrunch firehose here.

Coke wraps Expedition 206
Ad Age reviews the brand's biggest ever social media campaign.

Rethinking Influence
From Ad Age: A great piece from Matt Creamer on seeing through the social media numbers.

Google previews Honeycomb
The tablet-dedicated Android 3.0 OS. Engadget's got the demo video.
More on AdAge.
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