CAT Trax: July 12, 2012

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EnableTalk, Gloves That Let You Talk

A team of Ukrainian students won Microsoft's Imagine Cup this week, for EnableTalk, gloves that will let sign-language users "talk" through their cellphones, so they can communicate beyond the deaf community. Through motion detection, a Windows Phone can understand the "language," which will then be changed into sound waves by the phones speakers.

4D Coming to Theaters?

For those of you who hate everything to do with 3D (why are the glasses so uncomfortable?!), get ready for an entirely new movie experience. A South Korean company is outfitting 200 theaters with 4D technology, adding motion, scent and other tactile experiences to what used to be just an excuse to drink a 24-ounce soda.

Recruiting, Unusually

We've seen unusual recruiting methods (one ad agency conducted job interviews in Diablo 3) but when a government agency does something cool like this, it makes us look twice. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau quietly inserted a job ad into the source code of their page, targeting people who aren't satisfied with simply looking at a website. It's not a totally new idea: Electronic Arts and Wieden & Kennedy embedded some demonic SCII figures into the source codes of gaming sites frequented by the gaming demo, to promote Dante's Inferno.

Facebook, the Bank

Facebook wants to be more than the place you stalk your exes. Fortune reports that the social network is setting up new services for banks and financial organizations that want to communicate with their customers.

NBC plus Facebook

The socialympics are on. Facebook conversation will directly inform NBC's Olympics coverage, while NBC viewers will be encouraged to get online and chat about the Games while watching television, reports the New York Times.

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