CAT Trax: June 14, 2012

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All's Not Right With @Sweden

Sweden's Twitter project -- which handed over control of @Sweden to a different citizen every week -- seems to be going right off the rails. A series of controversial, misspelled and odd tweets are being posted, which might not be the image of Sweden that the government necessarily wanted to put out there. Also, AdAge's Sheila Dougherty wonders if Stephen Colbert could be the first non-Swede Tweeter in charge of the account. Meanwhile, Adland's @dabitch has some great Swedish insight on the debacle, as well as useful language lessons.

Are You in an Ad-Mood?

Your grumpiness could soon change the ad you're watching. Microsoft has filed for a patent that would use Kinect's camera to capture your reaction to ads, and then change them depending on your mood. So if you react unfavorably to one commercial, the Kinect will process small changes in your facial expression and relays that info to the ad's creators.

Photoshopping Before Photoshop

Even before Photoshop, magazines were using 'fauxtogrophy' tools to doctor images. The Atlantic brings you a brief history of pre-Photoshop fakery, used on people from Oprah to Lincoln.

Siri, Now in Cars

Apple's witty little virtual assistant, Siri, will soon be integrated into a number of automarker's cars, possibly as soon as in the next year. Mercedes, GM, BMW and Jaguar are just some of the auto companies now working with Apple, according to Fast Company.

Japan Knows NFC

When it comes to near-field communication (NFC) technology, Japan has a lot to teach the rest of the world. Innovative uses of the tech abound from in-store experiences to payment options, as Michael Keferl, the director of CScout Japan, writes over at AdAge.

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