CAT Trax: June 21, 2012

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The Atlantic Reviews 'Reading Rainbow,' the app

Ever since 'Reading Rainbow' was dropped from PBS because of a lack of funding (and some other more political reasons) RRKidz and LeVar Burton have embarked on a new vision for the show: Reading Rainbow 2.0. The Atlantic's Benjamin Jackson speaks with Burton and the folks at RRKidz about the development of the app, why the iPad and the challenges in bringing the show to a new medium

All About Surface

What exactly is 'Surface,' Microsoft's iPad-killing Tablet-PC? Gizmodo lays out all the information about the company's new hardware, from its features to its accessories. Then, watch the Surface 'fail,' at its Los Angeles unveiling, in true Microsoft fashion.

Canon's AR Platform

Canon is set to launch an augmented-reality platform that will use head-mounted displays to project virtual images onto real surfaces. The platform, says PCWorld, will let people view objects from all angles just by walking around them. Digital cameras next to each eye will calculate how you should be seeing an item and will then generate images.

Samsung Tests Out Pinterest

As marketers everywhere try to figure out their place on Pinterest, Samsung, with the aid of media agency MPG Media Contacts is embarking on a low-risk first test to build awareness of its brands as well as do some research on its place on the social pinboard. The brand has launched a 'Photo of the Year' contest that lives entirely on Pinterest, where the winner is decided by repins, not mere votes.

Cannes, Cannes, Cannes

The first-ever Mobile Grand Prix at Cannes went to the king of mobile itself, Google. The B2B marketing campaign, 'Hilltop Reimagined' for Coca-Cola, was a re-interpretation of the beverage brand's classic 1971 commercial. Created by Johannes Leonardo New York and Grow Interactive, the ads, part of wider campaign 'Project Re:Brief,' were Admob rich-media banner ads running within apps that let people literally buy a stranger a Coke. Nike's FuelBand and Visit Sweden's @Sweden Project also won top prizes in the Cyber category.

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