Hot fashion from the iPhone 5 launch; what sci-fi writers don't know; Emoji Hater and more

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Apple Fashion Week

Never mind the iPhone 5. The buzz at Apple's launch event was all about what seems to be the newest geek-chic "dudewear" at Silicon Valley tech events: untucked, button down shirts. Mashable has the reactions. Also, watch Jimmy Kimmel prank people on the street with the iPhone 4S, claiming it's the new iPhone.

Darn It! Sci-Fi is Almost Always Wrong

Wired has the first part of a fantastic interview with sci-fi writer William Gibson, (who coined the term "cyberspace"). He says that despite what you might think, he, along with other science fiction writers, are almost always wrong about what the future might look like.

Meet Endorse

A mobile app/loyalty program startup, Endorse, is taking the merchants out of the picture when it comes to mobile commerce. The startup works by extracting data from photos of receipts and offering customers deals and coupons based on what they've already bought -- directly from the CPG companies involved.

Sucks to be Emoji :(

The inventor of emoticons, Scott Fahlman, who was the first person to make the sideways smiley-face in an email, hates emoji. "I think they're ugly," he told the Independent, because they "ruin the challenge of trying to come up with a clever way to express emotions using standard keyboard characters."

There's a New DarpaDog

DARPA's got a couple of new "pack mule" prototypes that were demonstrated earlier this week. Part of DARPA's "Legged Squad Support System" (LS3), which wants to create a legged robot/dog that can carry squad members' gear and follow them through rough terrain, the prototypes can now successfully jog around, look at things and also right themselves if they tip over.

Thanks, Mark

Hal Hodson at The New Scientist outlines some ways to use Facebook to anonymously surf the Internet. While many people are already familiar with masking tools like Tor, Facebook is a bit different. As researchers from the University of Texas, UC Berkeley and UIUC have found Facebook's ability to connect you to you friends can also mean a safe route to the Internet.

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