Uncle Sam Recruits Geeks for Cyber Army, Video Games Get Classy & More

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Class Up Your Video Games

Love video games but want to pretend you love books? JamesBit's Etsy store can help. Mashable reports that the New York-based creator designs custom video game covers that actually look like classic novels -- Penguin style. The covers are available for any system and conceal the discs inside.

Geeks at War

Rolling Stone offers an unparalleled look at the hacker-geeks that are being recruited by Uncle Sam for cyber security. These armies, who use laptops instead of guns, are the U.S.'s answer to the growing cyber-armies of China and Iran, among others. Best of all, RS manages to delve into their mysterious world with a really cool HTML site.

Apple Missed the Boat on This One

Gizmodo's Kyle Wagner points out that while the new iPhone's fingerprint scanner, which you can use to unlock your phone and buy pointless games off the App Store, is actually missing the point. It should instead, be a requirement to turn the iPhone off, since that's the first thing every thief does after stealing a phone, to prevent location services from tracking down the phone. In other news, a little girl managed to get past the ultra high-security feature.

Teaching Kids to Program

A Googler has come up with a way you can make learning fun -- by teaching your tots how to program. Dan Shapiro's Kickstarter project, Robot Turtles, is a board game for three- to- eight-year-olds. A father of twins, Shapiro wanted to teach them the fundamentals of programming without the aid of a computer. All it needs is one grownup who can read.

The Definitive Guide to Reddit

A blog called CPG Grey does a bang-up job explaining the vagaries and intricacies of Reddit. It's a hard thing to do, considering that the site is about more than posting links and upvoting others -- the creator of the video however, doesn't really address the violent and often troubling side of Reddit, choosing instead to talk about how it can be anything you want it to be.

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