Coke and Nike's First Tweets, What Snowden's Leaks Mean for You, Sony's Savior and More

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What Does Edward Snowden's Leaks Mean for You?
The Guardian dissects the aftermath of the former CIA staffer and NSA contractor's leaks about big nations' mass surveillance programs, in an ambitious Snowfall-style presentation that incorporates video interviews with various officials, including former NSA execs.

Chad Hurley is a Loser, According to KimYe
KimYe are calling YouTube daddy Chad Hurley a loser because somebody, apparently, uploaded their over-the-top proposal ceremony onto the site. Valleywag, via The Hollywood Reporter, has all the insulting details.

Sony's Savior?
Meet Mark Cerny, the creator of the Sony PS4. He was an unconventional hire for the company: he's an American, he lives in L.A., and he's a software -- not a hardware -- guy. His background in gamemaking -- he oversaw titles including Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon -- may make him the messiah the company needs to revitalize its brand. He's already helped to bring the voice of gamemakers and game players into the company's product development, leading to a cheaper console with a simple design. Wired has the exclusive.

How to be Boring in 140 Characters (or Fewer)
To celebrate Twitter's arrival at the NYSE, AdAge's Cotton DeLo gathers up the first tweets (ever!) from big marketers including McDonald's, Nike,Google, Coca-Cola, Xbox and more. Spoiler alert: many of them are total snoozers. Case in point: Coke's first was a retweet. Thank the stars a lot of them have learned since then.

Play a Game, Save a Tree
Previously, we highlighted a piece about how gamers beat scientists at solving a decade-old HIV puzzle. The power of gaming continues and Springwise reports scientists at The Sainsbury Lab are turning to play help fight tree disease--via a Candy Crush-style Facebook app.

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