DDB NY: I Care

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Facebook 'likes' may be an important metric -- but they're often completely inappropriate. After all, who hasn't been faced with a friend posting a sad story or a link to a charitable cause, where 'liking' the status seems callous, even shallow? DDB NY has launched 'I Care,' a pro-bono creative project that's an embeddable button to show engagement, as well as solidarity, with a cause.

"Now people will be able to do more with a button than just 'Like' something. They'll be able to say 'I Care' about important topics ranging from child labor laws, to natural disasters, to world poverty, to name a few," said CCO Matt Eastwood in a statement.

And while websites embed the button, the ICare site will gather all of the trending topics in one place, to show what causes are creating discussion.

MTV Voices is one of the first sites to use the button. Check it out..

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