Driverless Cars and Interactive Newsprint: Is the Future Here?

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Driverless Cars, Check!

California's governer, Jerry Brown, has, with a push from Google, signed into law a bill to legalize driverless cars. Google of course has a vested interest in this, since they've been building the cars, and the company says they are actually safer since there is no possibility of human error. As Honda pointed out in ads yesterday -- humans are really fallible.

Read the News Like Harry Potter

A project called Interactive Newsprint, created out of a U.K. company called Novalia in partnership with the Universities of Central Lancashire, Dundee and Surrey, is trying to make papers electronic. They will have printed buttons that will be interactive, and also a social media component.

Typeface Matters

MIT has some new research out that could make driving safer. Studies from the university have discovered that changes to in-vehicle tech, including the font used in an infotainment system, can decrease driver distraction.

The People Who Love Apple Maps

Yes, they exist. Instances of Apple's new Maps app fail is pretty last week, so Gizmodo has rounded up tweets from the folks who actually really like them. Also, the Times has it on good authority that Google is, in fact, working on an iOS Maps app.

Where the Pigs At?

Is Zynga's Farmville 2 trying to appeal to religious sensitivities in the Middle East and Africa by getting rid of the pigs in the sequel to its uber-popular game? TechCrunch seems to think so, and has termed the issue "Piggygate." Photo via TechCrunch.

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