FRijj Milkshakes: You LOL You Lose

Published on .

To prepare customers for its new line of milkshakes, Frijj has launched a site that pits you against the funniest YouTube videos ever. Created out of Iris Worldwide, the site, "You LOL You Lose," uses face-recognition technology that can detect when you crack up. It shows you some of the funniest videos found on YouTube, and i you laugh -- or even move -- you lose. It's another interesting effort in a growing number of facial recognition campaigns, including Muse's recent staring contest from Samsung and CP+B's macaroni smile imitator for Kraft.

The Frijj site has three types of videos: OMG, LOL and Cute. These three types are meant to introduce customers to Frijj's three new milkshake flavors. You can also post your score online and challenge friends to beat it.

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