The Inside Story on Samsung's Galaxy Gear; Designing the Obamacare Experience & More

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Galaxy Gear: The Inside Story

How did Samsung manage to do the seemingly impossible: Get a wearable smartwatch from concept to market in about a year? CNET takes a look at the Korean giant's amazing speed and agility, as evidenced by the release of the Galaxy Gear. It also argues that the company, which has long been a "follower" in the tech world, is finally coming into its own and carving out a path uniquely Samsung.

Designing the Obamacare Experience

On Tuesday, the Affordable Care Act went into action, opening up health exchanges that will let 7 million uninsured people go online and pick a plan. That's an unprecedented challenge for user experience experts -- make it easy, fast and pleasant for consumers to get what they need -- especially considering how much is riding on the success of the ACA. Businessweek investigates the design challenges.

3D Printed Clothes?

3D printer company Makerbot is getting ready to make it possible for you to get your hands on some 3D printed fabrics. Called "Flexible Filament," the fabric previously debuted on a dress by designer Francis Bitonti, and the High Low reports that it will be ready to order later this fall. We smell a Project Runway challenge.

Brushing Your Teeth in Six Seconds

Is the two-and-half minutes it takes to brush your teeth morning and evening bumming you out? Presenting the Blizzident, a customer, 3D-printed toothbrush that promises to get your teeth gleaming in six seconds. The brush is custom made to fit your mouth. You put it in and make biting, and chewing motions, which promises to get your pearly whites clean. But clean teeth come at a price -- it costs about $300.

The Changing Face of Private Investigation

Al Jazeera America's newest "project" -- pieces of longform journalism -- focus on the spying industry. If it conjures up images of James Bond and glam parties, get your head in the game, because these days, PIs mostly operate from home, working with new technology like databases, forensics and drone cameras to unearth extramarital affairs and more.

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