Gears of War 3: Brothers To The End

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For the release of the final installment of Gears of War, AKQA is inviting users to explode virtual murals. For the new Brothers to the End push, murals will be etched onto virtual walls every week, and visitors will be able to, basically, blow them up. Each mural will depict one part of the three-part franchise. Exploding the murals will enable you to gain access to content and explore the world of Gears of War more fully.

The game, which further dives into the brother-like relationship between Cog soldiers Marcus Phenix and Dom Santiago, also lets you pick a "brother" or "sister" on Facebook and work through the whole game to detonate each chapter, gaining access to content before anybody else. The site launched August 23 and the game will run until Gears of War 3 launches Sept. 20.

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