Why Google Reader Died; Can Dungeons & Dragons Teach You Design? & More

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Why Google Reader Died

We've all been missing the RSS/Reading service since Google shut it down on July 1. But why exactly did they shut it down? While the company said it was because of a decline in usage, Buzzfeed says the answer is simple: There was nobody inside the organization who wanted to work on it.

What's Stopping 3D Printing?

It's patents, says The Atlantic. However, the technology looks like it's set to "explode" in hitherto unthought-of ways after February 2014, when key patents that are preventing more competition -- and thus progress -- in 3D printing are set to expire.

Dungeons and Dragons is Back!

Remember D&D? The popular role-playing game of the 1970s, 80s and even 90s is back in a whole new way, reports Businessweek. Agency DDB in California shows you how D&D can teach people user experiences and design -- with its exec. director of UX claiming the game informed the way he works today.

On Platform

'Platform' was going to Facebook's big move -- it's big signal to the world that it was more than MySpace, more like Google. When Mark Zuckerberg announced the project in 2007, it was going to be a way to bring developers into the fold to let them build things inside the social network, thus reaching its 24 million users. But that very open approach soon fell by the wayside, leading to a missed opportunity of "tens of billions of dollars," according to PandoDaily.

Make Your Own Toy

Disney's research arm has released software that lets you take a drawing of a character and either turn it into an animation -- "Toy Story"-style mechanical movement -- or transform them into "elastic moving figures," essentially letting people start their own design process that can eventually culminate, using 3D printing, into a toy.

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