Google/Science Museum: Chrome Web Lab

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The Science Museum in London has teamed up with Google for "Web Lab," a year-long exhibit that doesn't require you to be in England to participate. Created by Google Creative Lab and B-Reel, the Lab allows both actual and remote visitors to interact with five "Chrome experiments" in the museum. If you're not there you can take part online.

There are five experiments to pick from, for both real life visitors and those joining online. There is "Universal Orchestra," which lets you collaborate with others to create music, "Sketchbots," a collection of robots that can take photos and sketch them in sand, "Data Tracer," which lets you trace where information is physically sotires, "Teleporter," that let you access places in the world through periscopes and "Lab Tag Explorer," which visualizes the Web Lab visitors and categorizes them. All are designed to showcase technologies such as HTML5, demonstrating the power and possibilities of the web (and of course, Google Chrome).

Lab Tags are provided to each visitor so they can store and access their experiences any time.

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