Google Search App: Uncover Your World

Published on .

Grow Interactive recently took advantage of 3D printing technology to create the backdrop for its multi-dimensional, immersive mobile Uncover Your World ad promoting the Google Search app.

The app itself allows its users to search by voice, location and picture taking via Google Goggles. To illustrate those capabilities, the mobile ad presents a host of things to explore in a mini-community constructed completely via 3D printing. Grow modeled every structure in 3D software, printed them and assembled them into a miniature set, meshing together the analog and virtual world in a way that's uniquely Google.

In the ad itself, users can tap on buildings and then explore the app's offerings via a host of games, including one that rewards you for tapping on "recognizable" items like barcodes and text. The effort is the first to utilize Admob's latest platform for rich ads, which pulls together inline audio and video, parallaxing, and accelerometer integration

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