Graham Coxon: What'll It Take

Published on .

Graham Coxon taps into the minds of 85 people from 22 countries to create a new music video for "What It'll Take," directed by Ninian Doff. But while we've seen the idea play out before, most notably in 'Dancing,' by Matt Harding, Coxon takes the concept to a whole new level.

In "What It'll Take," crowdsourcing gets a twist, when post-production magic combines, not just collates, the actions of the 85 dancers into one big dancer, who has the head of one, the arms of another, the chest of yet another, and so on. The fans submitted their dances, and the actions were stitched together to create a multi-faceted "dance monster" that appears in a variety of scenes. And oh, the song is pretty good too.

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