H&M: GoldRun

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H&M sends shoppers on the run with this new partnership with AR platform startup GoldRun. The GoldRun app lets iPhone users view, interact with and take pictures of H&M clothing and accessories in front of any of the retailer's 10 Manhattan locations. The users choose the items they want to view and "capture" them with their phones to receive an instant 10% off H&M goods.

The app will also allow users to try on virtual outfits and post images to Facebook to create their own lookbooks.

One of the brains behind GoldRun is CEO Vivian Rosenthal, who's also the co-founder of digital media studio Tronic. The app encourages users to interact with GPS-linked virtual objects located in the real world in the form of "runs," highly targeted, hyper-localized activities that people can opt into with their smartphones.

Developer: GoldRun
Site Design: Tronic Studio
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