Hilton Garden Inn: BizWords

Published on .

Here's one for fans of office buzzword bingo. Hilton Garden Inn (obviously after a synergistic session of blue sky thinking) targets business travelers with BizWords, a free app that aims to 'decode business jargon'. Developed by Organic, it pokes fun at cringeworthy corporate buzzwords, and also provides some definitions for those who are baffled by business-speak.

Special features include a crowd-sourced collection of trending business buzzwords and phrases from across the country, and the hottest local terms, all of which can be viewed on a virtual 'heat map' of the U.S. Users can create their own business-card style profile, then add their favorite business terms and acronyms by simply entering the word and a definition. A leader board tracks buzzwords' frequency, and you can compete to lead the pack, or become the 'CEO' of a particular word or expression.

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