OK Go: All Is Not Lost

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OK Go has a new music video out, in collaboration with modern dance company Pilobolus, and Google. The clip once again features the collaboration between the band and director Trish Sie of Bob Industries (and lead singer Damian Kulash's sister).

The music video, a kaleidoscopic, typographic display of the bandmembers' bodies,is only a small part of the package. Users can also visit the HTML5-power website (only via Chrome), All Is Not Lost, type out a message of their choice (in Roman letters or Japanese) and watch the performers dance it out using their bodies to create letters and shapes.

The video is an effective showcase for the Chrome browser technology. The dance, when viewed on the website, appears in 12 separate windows. The windows themselves will resize and move along with the music. According to a post on the Google Blog, the team included staffers from Google Japan. OK Go has suggested that the video be used as a message of support for the Japanese affected by the Tohoku earthquake.

Check out a behind the scenes video here.

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