Inside Netflix, What Starbucks is Doing to Your Face and More

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Mario Batali Talks Digital Tech

Now we've seen everything. The Atlantic chronicles a conversation super-chef Mario Batali had with Smitten Kitchen's Deb Perelman and the mag's own Corby Kummer where the chef discussed the "digital side of the culinary world." Turns out, it was digital media, not his sumptious Lamb Love Letters that turned him into a "multi platform brand."

Today in Tech Tie Ups

It was a big week for tie ups left and right. Retailer Target has teamed up with Facebook in an attempt to increase people coming into stores -- it has launched offers with a social twist, where claiming them results in Facebook Newsfeed posts. Buzzfeed and Starbucks, meanwhile, are partnering on "reaction cam" which will create a three-second GIF of your face as you react to Starbucks-sponsored posts on the site.

Iron Man = Elon Musk?

Charlie White at Mashable argues that there are some seriously weird similarities between Iron Man Tony Stark and PayPal co-founder and SpaceX's Elon Musk. An infographic shows how they are of similar height, age and weight, as well as where they came from, what they came up with and how their careers progressed.

The Art of Video Games

The Verge features "The Art of Dead Space," a tablet-based book that features some of the best behind-the-scenes art from video game franchises like Halo and Dead Space. The concept paintings and sketches were previously available only in book form.

Inside Netflix

Bloomberg Businessweek burrow deep into the empire of streaming that is Netflix in a story that reveals hard numbers on the enormous amount of content stored by the company, and some cool facts about Reed Hastings, and his effects on the culture of the company.

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