Matt Richardson: The Enough Already

Published on .

Are there certain celebrity names that just make your stomach turn? Certain voices that set your teeth on edge when you hear them on TV? Matt Richardson came up with a solution featured on Make's blog: The Enough Already.

It's an Arduino-based system that monitors closed captions and sends a mute command to your TV whenever a particular keyword is mentioned. As Richardson explains on his blog: "The incoming text is processed for a set of keywords such as 'KARDASHIAN' or 'SNOOKI' and sends my television's IR remote control mute command, muting the TV for 30 seconds and then unmuting it (as long as a keyword isn't mentioned again)."

It may sound gimmicky, but with the US Election looming next year, we can think of a lot of good uses for this. And as for the implications for brands - advertisers, watch out.

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