Wear Your Tweets on Your Sleeve, With the Microsoft Dress

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For New York Fashion Week, Microsoft teamed up with Bloomingdale's to show off its "Printing Dress", a dress that, amongst other things, displays tweets in real time. Created by Microsoft Research, the design of the prototype dress includes a keyboard under the bodice, four circuit boards, and a projector, as well as buttons that look like typewriter keys. At Bloomingdale's, visitors were invited to tweet with the hashtag #MSBloomingdales to see their tweets appear on the dress in real-time. Meanwhile, the two companies also collaborated on interactive window displays for Fashion Week.

Whether or not people will really want to wear their status updates on their sleeve, it's not the first attempt to integrate fashion with wearable social media. Last month, Ballantine's teamed with London fashion company CuteCircuit to make a t-shirt that displayed status updates.

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