Mitsubishi: Unpretentious App Launch Film

Published on .

Mitsubishi wants to show that its Outlander Sport is not a pretentious brand. So together with 180 LA, it has built an app that identifies your most pretentious Facebook friends' posts, and visually destroys them.

The Unpretentious Facebook App analyzes the content from on all of your friends' Facebook pages to determine your most pretentious friend, whether it's someone who checks into expensive restaurants or just shows off about their kids. It then creates a shareable video that shows the Outlander Sport crashing through visuals of the the pretentious posts. The campaign also includes TV and point of purchase.

However, you'd better hope your pretentious friend has a good sense of humor because, like the recent Facebook app Unbaby Me, which removes pictures of babies from people's Facebook pages, Mitsubishi's app has the potential to offend, as well as entertain, your friends.

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