National Geographic Channel: Mission: Expedition

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To coincide with its Expedition Week series of programming, the National Geographic Channel has launched Mission Expedition, an interactive experience where users can take a virtual journey to win prizes in some of the exotic locations featured in its films.

Until April 9 from 2pm to 2am, visitors to the Expedition Week site will be able to navigate through miniature sets of a remote Papua New Guinean village populated by cannibals, Victorian London during the time of Jack the Ripper, the Himalayan Mountains where Yeti sightings have been reported and the Roman Coliseum during the gladiator era.

Participants have up to 60 seconds to explore the sets and take a picture of what they deem the most valuable artifact they encounter. If the captured image turns out to be one of the hidden artifacts of the day, they will be notified and the artifact mailed directly to them. The prizes include a life-sized inflatable tiger, a replica of an ichthyosaur snout fossil, a copy of an 1888 London newspaper with Jack the Ripper headlines, a 3,000-year-old Egyptian scarab beetle and a bronze bust from ancient Rome.

Expedition Week characters will also interact with viewers on Twitter as part of the overall digital project, which aims to engage a younger audience with the channel and its content.

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