The National Media Museum 'Mirrors' Your Online Consumption

Published on .

The UK's National Media Museum will create an online personality snapshot based on your media consumption at The Mirror, a site created by agency RKCR/Y&R and based on research from the University of Cambridge Psychometric Centre.

The site compares social online activity with a database of 6.5 million internet users to reflect to users which aspects of their personality are most strongly exhibited online. Visitors can log in with Facebook Connect or answer a series of questions about their media choices before the site creates their online profile in a visual form. It suggests a percentage score based on how open, conscientious, extrovert, agreeable or stable they are. A final section called "Your Place in the Web" connects users based on the information garnered by The Mirror. Using these personality breakdowns, The Mirror can then suggest things users would like; websites, content and even other people.

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