Pinterest Gets a Redesign; Siri Plans to Take Over the World & More

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Pinterest's Makeover

Earlier this year, a select group of Pinners were asked to test the social photo-sharing website's new look, which aims to make "discovery" (of cute mason jar ideas and bridal looks, mostly) easier. Now, using their feedback, the site is unveiling a made-over Pinterest, which lets you explore an entire board, find pins from the same source, and also see what people who pinned this have pinned. If all that pinning is giving you a migraine, check out the company's blog post on the topic for more.

Siri Plans World Domination

Wired explains Apple's plans for Siri -- a future where she never, ever leaves your side. The voice-activated AI is going from our iPhones to our desktops, homes and dashboards, acting as our assistant-companion-concierge to get everything done for us. How? By creating a distinct personality for Siri that will make our conversations with her a little less robotic and a little more exciting.

The Problem of Keep

Google's had a busy week. It killed Reader and introduced Keep, an Evernote competitor that will act as an agenda/note-collector for all your thoughts. But The Atlantic argues that Google is kind of a commitment-phobe, with an established track record of "experimenting" with new things, then canceling them, leading to a user-trust issue that might mean nobody would want to even try this newest baby out.

Looking Ahead at 2013

Frankly, 2013 is a bit of a disappointment so far -- no flying cars, no robot housekeepers, no Jetsons-style shenanigans. And when you look at what people expected this year to be like back in the 1980s, it's even worse. In 1988, the Los Angeles Times Magazine published a 25-year look ahead to 2013, outlining just what life would look like in the future. Check out the archives on, and see how far we really haven't come.

Apple v. PC

Nick Bilton at the Times picked this YouTube channel to feature in the paper's "Scuttlebot" feature this week. It's a compilation of every ad from Apple's brilliant Mac v. PC campaign -- all 50+ of them, plus bonus ads.

The Data-Tracking Trail

What happens when you buy a pair of running shoes and use your store loyalty credit card? breaks down just how your information is diffused across a spectrum of consumer-data companies and databases in an awesome interactive graphic that will make you pay with cash, every time.

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