Pixar and Moore's Law; Catching Up With AdAge Digital & More

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Pixar and Moore's Law

Pixar co-founder Alvy Ray Smith discloses how the company used data-driven prediction models, namely, Moore's Law to make good business -- and creative -- decisions. Writing in Wired, Smith talks about Moore's Law, which, simply put, operates on the theory that computers get an order of magnitude better as time goes on. So when Smith, along with his co-founder Ed Catmull, wanted to make the first completely digital movie 40 years ago, they just had to wait for technology to catch up, leading to Toy Story.

What You Missed at AdAge Digital

From Robert Wong of Google to Newark supermayor Cory Booker, to actress and producer Eva Longoria, AdAge's Digital Conference, which took place in New York this week, was chock-full of creative insights by some of the most interesting people around. Read up on our coverage on AdAge.com.

All About Smartwatches

The Times' Jenna Wortham and Brian X. Chen unpack all the latest news about smartwatches, the wearable tech being developed (according to rumors) by companies including Apple, Microsoft and Google. They think the watch will look like something Tony Stark might sport, and might cause a rejiggering of social norms when it comes to their use. For example, looking at your watch might no longer be a subtle signal that someone is short on time.

The Origins of Chatheads

Facebook's weirdly-named messaging platform, 'Chatheads,' might make you snigger right now, but truth is it might be, as The Verge calls it, the "future of mobile." But how did it come about? When two Facebook product designers decided to work from home, and got frustrated with the current design of smartphones, which aren't designed for texting and doing other stuff at the same time -- weird, since that's how life generally works.

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