This Polar Bear Will Melt If You Don't Share on Facebook

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In Denmark, Coca-cola teamed up with WWF to highlight the plight of polar bears in the melting Arctic with a campaign that centered on a two tone Polar Bear ice sculpture in the center of Copenhagen. The sculpture was placed next to the city's Planetarium between February 28 and March 2 of this year, and people could control its temperature of the sculpture via a Facebook app and stop it from melting. The temperature started at zero degrees Celsius and would rise by one degree every six hours. For every 1,000 likes and shares on Facebook, it would drop by one degree. Danish agency Essencius was reponsible for the concept, with digital help from Wunderman.

It's not the first time a Scandinavian agency has used melting ice as a marketing stunt: VW used it for its Winter Adjusted Offer billboard in 2011. However, the fit between Coke, with its use of polar bears in advertising, and the WWF's message is a good one.

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