Puma: Kick Ups Maradona's 50th Birthday

Published on .

To celebrate soccer legend Maradona's 50th birthday, Droga5 and Puma have launched this online Kick-Ups competition. Players log onto the game on Facebook and have 30 minutes to pass a video of Maradona juggling a soccer ball to a buddy. The goal is to continue passing and keep him from dropping it. The longer you do, the more footage you'll see of the soccer star juggling over the years, including newly shot film of the icon keeping it up at the age of 50.

The player who keeps the ball up the longest will earn the Grand Prize, viewing a soccer match with King Diego himself - at a venue of his choosing - whether it's on his living room couch, in a pub or at the stadium. Prizes will also go to Kick-Ups with most countries passed to, most players passed to and most passes completed.

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