RKCR/Y&R: T-Minus

Published on .

Creatives: you need never miss an awards deadline again.

Knowing how tough it can be to stay abreast of the mushrooming number of awards deadlines that crop up across the year, RKCR/ Y&R created T-Minus as a resource to help you plan ahead and avoid that last minute panic.

On the website, you choose from the 130 awards currently registered globally, then download your own free personal calendar, in the form of an infographic screensaver. It tracks not just the awards entry dates, but the dates on which work has to run in order to qualify for entry. As individual award deadlines loom, the icons physically grow and becoming more agitated on your screen.

RKCR/Y&R worked with B-Reel on developing the site, which they hope to expand with new services such as an archive of past winners, an awards newsfeed and social networking functionality.

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