Schlage: Key to Strong Challenge

Published on .

Security brand Schlage and Y&L are launching an integrated campaign that locks Joshua, a native Seattle-ite and a recent Pepperdine grad, in a house secured with Schlage locks. Users can follow @LockedinaHouse on Twitter, where Joshua will give them tasks to do. To unlock Joshua (and win $5,000) you have to finish all the tasks.

The experience, whichfeels like a lo-fi, less scary version of Pereira & O'Dell's ultra-successful 'Inside' campaign for Intel & Toshiba, includes a sitethat has lots of information about Joshua, the house and the challenge.

There's also a tie up with a company called Seattle Tiny Homes, which is providing the portable, 120 square feet home Joshua will be locked in.

The first clue will be posted June 22, but you can start the challenge anytime during the week, as long as you don't mind playing catch up.

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